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Ramadan is full of abundance of goodness and virtue, will be felt and achieved when the science of Ramadan is well understood.

Imagine, the early generations of Islam longed to meet this holy month. They prayed for six months before their arrival that they would be extended to meet Ramadan. When Ramadan comes, they really achieve the goodness and strength of Ramadan. And when they parted with Ramadan, they prayed for six months afterwards, so that the sincerity of Allah is accepted. The longing is in them, because they are aware and well aware of the virtues and privileges of Ramadan.

How to welcome Ramadan? Here we present "8 Tips for Ramadan":1. Pray for God Almighty. give us long life so that we meet the month of Ramadan in good health. With a healthy state, we can perform the worship maximally: Fasting, praying, recitations, and dhikr. From Anas bin Malik r.a. said that the Messenger of Allah. when entering the month Rajab always pray, "Allahuma bariklana fii rajab wa sya'ban, wa balighna ramadan. O God, bless us in the month of Rajab and Sha'ban, and convey us to the month of Ramadan. "(Narrated by Ahmad and Tabrani)2. Praise Allah Almighty. because Ramadan has been given back to us. Imam An Nawawi in his Adzkar says: "It is advisable for anyone who obtains kindness and is lifted from his ugliness to prostrate to God as a sign of gratitude; and praise God with praise that is in accord with his glory. "And among the greatest blessings that Allah gives. to a servant is when he is given the ability to perform worship and obedience.3. Be happy with the coming month of Ramadan. Messenger of Allah. always giving good news to his friends every time coming Ramadan: "Have come to you the month of Ramadan, the month of blessing. God has obliged you to fast. In that month God opened the doors of heaven and shut the doors of hell. "(Narrated by Ahmad).4. Plan daily activity agenda to get as much benefit as possible from Ramadan. Ramadan is so short, therefore, content every second with precious deeds, which can cleanse oneself, and draw closer to Allah swt.5. Strengthen the azam, round the determination to fill the times of Ramadan with obedience. Whoever is honest with Allah swt, then Allah swt. will assist him in carrying out his agenda and facilitate him to carry out the activities of goodness. "But if they are righteous with God, it is surely better for them." Muhammad: 21.6. Understand the fiqh of Ramadan. Every believer is obliged to worship with science based. We must know the science and the law of fasting before Ramadan comes so that our Ramadan amaliyah is true and accepted by Allah swt. "Ask the knowledgeable, if you do not know." Al-Anbiya 'verse 7.7. Condition qalbu and ruhiyah us with a reading that supports the process of tadzkiyatun-nafs -pishishan soul-. Attend a science assembly that discusses the virtues, the laws, and the wisdom of fasting. So that mentally, and our soul is ready to implement obedience to Allah swt. in the month of Ramadan.8. Leave sin and immoral. Fill Ramadan by opening a clean new sheet. New Gazette to Allah, with repentance that is actually naughty nashuha. "And repent ye unto Allah, ye who believe, that ye may prosper." An-Nur: 31. The new Gazette to Muhammad saw, by observing his sunna and continuing his da'wah. To parents, wife-children, and kinship relatives, by strengthening the relationship silaturrahim. To the people, by being the most beneficial to them. For, "The best man is the most beneficial to others."May Allah SWT. lengthen our age to meet Ramadan. And congratulations to his goodness. Amin ya Rabbana. Allahu a'lam (io)

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